Why Arbor Health?

Arbor is committed to delivering industry leading results for our health plan clients.

  • User driven technology
  • Reduce administrative costs
  • Recover lost revenue and increase clean claims

Arbor Automation

Arbor developed ArborAutomation, the technology solution that completely automates the time and resource-intensive process of identifying errant claims. ArborAutomation replicates work that used to be performed manually and resolves any issues or problems that might occur with a faster, higher rate of accuracy than a human operator. ArborAutomation's efficiency improves quality, reduces resource cost and makes turnaround time, real-time. As a client of Arbor Health using ArborAutomation, you have the ability to view claim activity, analyze error trends, and generate reports.

Fully Customizable Data Mining

We offer a full suite of Data Mining solutions that are fully customizable. ArborAutomation, Arbor's proprietary automation solution, captures unique opportunities within the reimbursement process. We maximize our client's ability to identify and resolve errant payments with the use of predictive analytics, root cause analysis, real-time dashboards and automated work flows within a client centric collaborative process.

Industry Insight

Healthcare reform requires payers and providers to operate with greater transparency, accountability and efficiency. Implementing an appropriate data technology solution will address these issues by providing real time information to prioritize resources and stem errant claims, reducing costs to meet Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) targets.

Our People

The Arbor Health team is efficient, experienced and responsive to the needs of our clients.
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Our data mining and automation technology solutions increase efficiency and maximize your results.
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We deliver a productivity ratio that is greater than other cost containment firms.
Why Arbor?

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